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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Expose Bharti Axa to public

Fraudulent advertisement of Bharti Axa

Bharti Axa's recent and now telecasting TV advertisement speaks about (death) claim settlement. An elderly woman weeps after submitting her husbands belongings to an insurance company and asks for the claim. The company shown in the advertisement resembles LIC office with Govt. office style steel tables and chairs. After that, the advertisements goes on to tell that Bharti Axa settles the claim within 48 Hrs. and if not, pays 1% of fund value as penalty per day! 
Now look at the actual position from IRDA figures:

The Company, Bharti Axa, which repudiated almost 10 times more claims than LIC,
now tries to fool the general public and 
wants to show as if LIC is not settling
Actually, Bharti Axa repudiated more than 
one claim for every five claims reported!
This is the actual face of Bharti Axa!

Peel off it's mask!
Convey it to all the customers who speak about Private Cos.!
This is the actual face of all the Private Insurance Companies!

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