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Friday, October 29, 2010

IRDA yet to disclose claims repudiation ratio for 2009-10

IRDA has not disclosed details of repudiation of claims for 2009-10 for reasons best known to it. Private life insurers have come out pretty badly vis-à-vis LIC in this regard
Claims experience has to be one of the most important factors to consider before finalising life insurers, because every insurer will love to collect premiums, but few insurers will feel the same about claim payments.
Unfortunately, this crucial data is not available for 2009-10. LIC comes out better than private insurers in this regard. It too does not disclose its repudiation number for 2009-10, but hinted that it was slightly higher than 1.33% which was the figure in 2008-09. Looking at the atrocious claims repudiations percentage of private insurers, they may be the ones having something to hide. Can the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) publish the numbers soon?

Based on 2008-09 data, the most incredible statistic is that of Aegon Religare with no claims settled, 71.43% claims repudiated and 28.57% claims pending. Please see: 

It could be that for 2008-09 there were lesser claims being generated because of new business, and unfortunately, the claims that came in had to be genuinely repudiated. We have to give the benefit of the doubt if that is the reason. When a life insurance company gets a claim within three years of policy start there is always investigation and possibility of claim repudiation.

Bharti Axa Life has recently unveiled its new brand positioning - "Jeevan Suraksha Ka Naya Nazariya." It has a service guarantee of "Release of Fund Value within 48 hours" of receiving claim intimation. It is even advertised on TV. In 2008-09, Bharti AXA Life had 53.20% claims settled, 44.83% claims repudiated and 1.97% pending. Low claims pending shows that Bharti Axa certainly is making quick decisions on claims, but high claims repudiation means that one out of two claimants will never get claims paid, forget about the 48-hour claims settlement.  We will again give the benefit of the doubt to this insurer if the 2008-09 data is indeed skewed due to new business.
The reason for repudiation can be due to incorrect/hidden details in policy forms filled by a policyholder with or without abetment from an agent. It is imperative that the policyholder fills up the policy form completely and in good faith without the agent filling any policyholder personal data. An ethical agent who is properly trained by the insurer will not mislead the potential customer just for getting commission. The policyholder will be at a loss because the policy form will be scrutinised only at the time of claim.
The other reason can be policyholders themselves indulging in fraud. As far as fraudulent claims are concerned, the insurer has every right to repudiate the claim.
According to Vipin Anand, chief-corporate communications, LIC, "Repudiation of claims also has investigation cost and possibly litigation cost in cases of a policyholder filing a grievance. In some cases, these costs can be greater than the claims cost. LIC can repudiate claims on technicalities and policy wording, but it does not do so unless there is a fraudulent claim. Moreover, LIC is in a strong financial position and does not worry about the bottom-line when genuine claims have to be paid. We pay on (an) average 77,000 claims in a day. "
Private insurers are struggling to break even and will surely be scrutinising claims to a greater extent. It will be hard for them to keep up with the giant called LIC. When will private players measure up to the insurance behemoth?
Courtesy: MoneyLife


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