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Monday, January 17, 2011

List of all Life Insurance Policies

Here is a list of all the Life Insurance Policies available (and withdrawn also!) with all the 23 Life Insurance Companies (including LIC!) as published by IRDA on 13.1.2011.
We make it available here for download in a single zip file!
(If you can go for a detailed analysis, you will simply find that all the products of other companies are derived with some touch ups made here and there over LIC's products!)


  1. Your Continuous works are excellent. Pls keep it up - LIC Senthil.G

  2. What else can be the best to choose one life insurance plan when you can have life insurance policies list all at one place.

  3. firstly before choosing any life insurance plan read the documents carefully before investing.

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  5. Health is the most significant part of our life, and as said "health is wealth". I believe if you want to target the life and health market what else can be better than 30 year life insurance or life insurance for elderly parents. With the changes in health treatment and technology. People are going to need a lot of investment for taking care of health.