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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NAV of LIC is Growing even when stock market is not!

The Stock Market is very volatile and people are often asking us about the growth of the money in LIC policies. We should remember that whenever a crash of stock market occurs, it is LIC that supports. Hence LIC buys shares mostly for throwaway price and LIC never sell shares in urgency!
So, obviously, our NAVs must be stronger than others! See the table:

We must always feel happy whenever stock market goes down as it brings opportunity for LIC to get more for lowest prices and ultimately our NAVs grow faster when market recovers!

So have it in mind
Remit all your ULIP premiums - New or Old - during stock market falls!
Submit all your withdrawals (surrenders) during stock market rises!!
Even though you couldn't explain it to your customer, practice it without telling him,
it will give more returns!

In the table, of the three plans compared, Bond, Secured and Balanced Funds of Profit Plus Grown more than others!!!

Why shouldn't we try to qualify in the Profit Plus policies competition?
(40 policies during 1/4/09 to 30/11/09 of which 15 during 1/10/09 to 30/11/09 Rs.2000 Cash Award
Rs.450 for every additional 3 policies above the said level, during 1/10/09 to 30/10/09, Max-15)

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